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Q:Is it safe to use BAONII products during menstruation or pregnancy?

Yes, using BAONII's products during menstruation or pregnancy is safe. The ingredients are pregnancy-safe.

The feminine spay is not recommended for women who are sensitive to mint. 

Q: Can BAONII's products improve the condition of discharge?

 Actually, it’s healthy to have discharge. Pay attention to early signs of infection when the discharge increases, changes color, or develops unusual odors. Use BAONII to properly cleanse and care for the intimate area to reduce unwanted discharge.

※BAONII products are not medical-grade. If there are any serious issues such as inflammation in the intimate areas, please consult with your doctor or other qualified health pro fessional as early as possible.

Q:How to store BAONII? 

√ The BAONII feminine spray uses airless bottles. The bottling prevents spoilage by re ducing contact with air and contaminants.  

√ BAONII cleansing gel benefits from an external spring design to ensure no product contamination.  

Q:What is the difference between BAONII and other feminine cleasing and care products on the market?

BAONII products are the only feminine cleansing and care products in Taiwan using the  ingredients and technologies that were found in the facial skin care products. Since we in sist on using only natural ingredients, all BAONII product lines are gentle and non-irritating. 

※BAONII products are for cleansing and caring the skin of the vulva. Douching is not recommended.

Q:Can I use the BAONII feminine spray on panties?

BAONII feminine spray can be used directly on the skin of the intimate area. Spread gently  the folds of the labia minora and spray 1-3 times for best results. 

Q:When do I to use the BAONII feminine spray?

Spray 1-3 times after using the toilet every day to effectively prevent bad bacteria from  coming in contact with the intimate part. It can be used during the menstrual period and  after exercise to keep it clean and relieve discomforts. 

Q:BAONII spray and cleansing gel, which one is right for me?

The spray offers all day protection and is convenient for on-the-go use, and the cleansing  gel is best for thoroughly washing after going home. Use the two together to achieve optimum protection.