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Return Policy

Cooling-off period

Following the Consumer Protection Act, there is a 7-day product waiting period (7 days including holidays) from the time the product arrives to you.


If you have a return request, please contact customer service within 7 days of receiving the product and provide information such as "name", "order number", "phone number", "return product name", "reason for return and exchange and photos", etc. Customer service will assist you with the return and exchange.

【Returns & Exchange Notice

1. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and the Guidelines for Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Terminate Communications Transactions, BAONII products are personal hygiene products, such as unpacking (box opened as unpacking), use that does NOT apply to the 7-day cooling-off period.

2. If the product is incorrect, it will be returned or exchanged unconditionally.

3. Receipt of goods more than 7 days, will NOT accept the return of goods.

4. Partial returns are NOT accepted and should be sent back in the original packaging. Returned goods must include all goods (including gifts) of this order, etc. If you do not send back all the contents of this order package properly packed and complete, you will be required to pay for the replacement postage.

5. The used coupons are no longer valid after the completion of the checkout process, and the coupons cannot be retrieved after the return request is established.

6. Once your return request has been approved, we will ask our courier to pick up the item from your address and we will cover the shipping fee.

7. When you send us a message with your return information after the customer service staff has reviewed the return, you agree that we can handle the invoice invalidation and related follow-up matters on your behalf.

Unable to return or exchange

1. Returns cannot be made after the 7-day Cooling-off period.

2. If any of the products in the return order have been unpacked (box opened as unpacking) and used, it is not possible to apply for return.

3. If there is a discrepancy between the returned product and the order, your right to return the product will be affected if all the products (including gifts) of this order are not returned and properly packaged.

Refund Instructions

1. If you paid with a credit card, the returned item will be refunded online after the customer service representative confirms that the quantity of the item is correct.

2. If you pay by another method of payment, you must provide the correct remittance account number to complete the refund process.

3. After customer service confirms that our refund criteria are met and the information is correct, we will refund the money to your account within 10 days.

【Unable to Refund】

1. If the remittance account is wrong, refunds will not be available.

2. If you have requested a paper receipt but have not sent it back.

3. If you cannot be contacted within 10 working days of submitting the return form due to obvious problems with the information provided, your request will be canceled.

【Return Process】

Contact customer service → Confirm returnable → Prepare complete product and receipt → Provide receipt time and contact information, address → We will cooperate with the logistics provider to help collect.

※ Friendly Reminder

1. The cooling-off period is NOT a trial, products need to be new and unopened, and the packaging is intact, in order to return for a refund. (Logistics box opened as unsealed, if the goods are wrong will be unconditionally returned)

2. If you have received a paper receipt, please return it together with the "Purchase Receipt" when you return the product.

3. When we have arranged for pickup, if we are unable to retrieve the merchandise upon arrival, we will cancel your application.


If you have read the above items and confirmed that they are acceptable to you, please send a letter to our customer service mailbox and we will process your return for refund as soon as we receive your request.

In addition, if you have any other questions, please email us and we will answer them as soon as possible.


Customer Service Email:service@baonii.com